How ceme game differs from the QQ?

The ceme online is same as the Domino QQ gambling game. In the QQ – 4 dominoes would be used but in ceme game 2 dominoes are used. Before starting to play the ceme game there is a need for you to know tricks and strategies to rock inside the world of ceme online.

There is a need for you to understand about the dominoes. Usually you can find 28 dominoes while you are playing each round and the easiest way for you to remember them is to group them out into the 7 series.

  • When you have total of 6 cards then you can hold one point for your each card.
  • Two points when you hold 5 cards.
  • You can get 3 points for your each card when you have the total of 4 cards.

As like this points would be eventually spilt up based on the cards that you have in your hand. Once the player received two cards they would be given opportunity to peek the cards and after completing it the players should open the card on the table.

How the points are calculated?

Immediately after the players and dealers reveal out their card in the table the calculation is made between them and the higher valued card is considered as the winner. To count the points there is a need for the player to count the cards left in the hand and that total is added as the point. The highest value is 9 and when the result is more than 10 or 30 there the last two digits is taken as the result. In the ceme the winner is determined only based on it.

How to know about your winning series?

When the number of the player cards is greater when compared to the dealers there the dealers would pay the players bet amount. The dealers win is determined when the number of the dealer’s card is greater when compared to the players and in this case the dealer can get the betting money from players directly. The dealers would always win when he gets the same value as players and the special ceme online cards can apply to jackpots. The special card should have four cards for winning the jackpot and this would make you to feel happy. As like this once when you started playing you can discover a lot of new strategies and when you make use of it there sure you would get an opportunity to travel in the path of success.