William Schantz on Affordable Housing Assistance in Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts and look for living options for moderate- and low-income families, you are in the right place. Generally, housing is sold or rented through a private real estate market. However, several agencies also offer support for those looking for affordable living options if they cannot afford rent or home prices. In this guide, William Schantz will provide details on how you can qualify for housing assistance.

State Aided Housing and Federal Public Housing

More than 240 local authorities are responsible for managing public housing throughout Massachusetts. Public housing is available in all forms, from large apartments to single multi-family accommodations. 

Housing in Massachusetts is divided into two primary types. The first is ‘State Aided Public Housing’ which received operating subsidies from the commonwealth. The second is ‘Federal Public Housing’. Both these types of public housing are owned by LHAs or Local Housing Authorities. Some authorities own only state-aided public housing while others only Federal public housing. There are also some authorities that own both. 

State-aided public housing options owned by various LHA are supervised by the Massachusetts Department of Community Development and Housing. There are two housing types in this category: Family public housing and housing for the elderly or handicapped. 

 Low-income families can apply for the family public housing program. These can be families of any size. A low-income handicapped or elderly individual can apply for the housing for the elderly program. This person needs to be over the age of 60. If under 60 years, they need to have a disability that qualifies. 

Other Assistance Programs Outlined by William Schantz

Schantz has outlined several other rental assistance programs here. These rental assistance programs aim to aid low-income individuals avail accommodation within the public housing development categories. The three largest rental assistance programs in Massachusetts are as follows:

Housing Choice Voucher Programs

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

Alternative Housing Voucher Program

The Federal government provides the funds for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. People paying 30-40 % of their entire gross income for rent are eligible for this program. The programs pay the difference between what the landlord charges and what the tenant can contribute for rent. 

In the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, rental assistance is provided in the form of mobile vouchers. These vouchers are state-funded and can be used in any locality within Massachusetts. It is also possible to avail of ‘project-based vouchers’ that only apply to certain buildings and apartments.

The Alternative Housing Program can be availed by people over the age of 60 and those with disabilities. This program is for the disabled or elderly.

Schantz’s Final Words:-

In this article, William Schantzhas summarized the different affordable housing options available in Massachusetts. Low to moderate-income families can also avail public housing options and financial assistance to afford public housing. Some programs cater to the elderly above the age of 40 and qualifying physically disabled individuals.