Unsupported SVG for Cricut íV Part One

You found a very loverly carton or graphics, downloaded and try to upload it to Cricut Design Space. Unfortunately, it comes out with an error message “unsupported item – Linked Images.”

What has linked images? Your .svg or .dxf files should pace image embedded in the file not save in other drivers, or someplace design space don’t know.

Explanation – Linked images are images that aren’t embedded within your file. The file contains links to pictures that saved in other drivers or folder which program do’t know once you attempt to upload the image.

Fix One – Embed the pictures in your file. This works as long as you’ve linked in other .svg or .dxf files. Within the Links panel in Adobe Illustrator using the Embed Image(s) tool, and within the Links panel of CorelDraw, Unlink a picture or use the Break Link tool. This may remove the external link and mix the files into one. you’ll now export your work as a .svg or .dxf file. Click here https://jartoutlets.com/

Fix Two – Export your file as a .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png. this may enable you to upload the image to Cricut Design Space. The file won’t be layered into individual colours, sort of a vector file (.svg or .dxf). it’ll come through as a single-layered object which may then be printed on a normal printer and cut out with the cutter using Print then Cut. Use this method if you’ve got linked images in any format aside from .svg and .dxf.