Pearl Make the material High-end Antique Pearl Lakshmi Jhumkas made of metal, copper, and brass alloy. MAKE MATERIAL – Antique AD Stone Jhumkas are made of brass and copper. Lava stone beads are dark and round. Premium Antique AD Stone Jhumkas- gold look-alike earrings. These are antique gold Jhumkas that are larger than normal earrings. They look gorgeous when worn with sarees or Ghagras. These jhumka earrings are a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Diamond Jhumka earrings are the most appropriate jewelry option for modern brides. These earrings look fantastic with a cocktail dress or any other designer wedding dress.

A bride dressed in her bridal gown and stunning Jhumka earrings creates a classic and unique bridal style. One of the most beautiful combinations is Jhumka earrings with an elegant, traditional bridal dress. Every 22kt gold and certified diamond jewelry design we make is breathtaking and intricately made in the correct gold weight and appearance. – lightweight diamond jewelry sets future trends for Indian jewelry. The image was captured in natural light by our in-house photographer and is reproduced for us. When worn with a beautiful wedding dress, Jhumka earrings in gold or diamond material give brides a sophisticated and traditional appearance.

They are a traditional bridal look. These earrings are fluid and elegant. They look fantastic with traditional dresses. Drop earrings can make a stylish statement in silver, gold, or any other metal. A mehndi dress is a perfect accompaniment to the classy and elegant silver Jhumkas. These are the ideal Jhumkas to create an elegant and classic casual look or for a wedding. Thread jhumkas are ideal for casual wear and can also be worn in traditional antique bangles Indian events. Silver jhumkas are perfect for enhancing your bohemian look or adding a desi touch.