Most Popular Casino Action Scenes in Hollywood Movies

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, the more the technology progresses higher are its chances of producing the best of movies with the graphics to make the thrill levels soar high. It is entirely evident based on the fast-paced world we see today as thrill has been a constant need of the hour for an individual to stay off the tension and find the relaxation. However, accounting for the storylines, the one factor that most Hollywood directors wouldn’t resist from adding in is that of casinos.

Yes, the gambling houses such as are the best way to depict the increasing tensions, suspense, and calm before some storm for the protagonist. After all, isn’t gambling considered as the activity under the pretense of which the naughtiest of the crimes occur. Here is a list of some of the best scenes that escalated quickly from the calm of the casino to the storm at the casino, that the Hollywood industry could boast of:

Casino Royale

Talk of a James bond 007 movie and don’t mention a casino, that’s almost like an irony. The character of bond movies would always go to carry out their notorious acts at casinos and hence transfer it to a ruckus when the protagonist gets a whiff about it. Well known amongst the ardent movie lovers, this movie’s action scene progresses well with cocktails being drunk, intense looks passed, bluffing, and strategic planning on the peak, like a cardiac arrest following the prize pot money eyeing worth €115 million. Arguably one of the bests, the upcoming movies, however, might not see Craig as James bond, as the debate over the anticipation continues.


What happens when your gambling scene has a hint of realism in it? Thrill and excitement follow the course as fear is set up gradually into the minds of the audience, which is what this scene made the movie a must-watch classic. To account for it, the very well-known piece which depicts the life of Henry Hill is presented with a perfect proportion of heated arguments over a drink. You don’t mess with Tommy DeVito who could lose anger in the blink of an eye in the mob movie as you could witness it as the most thrilling scenes a far as action and gunshots are concerned. Joe Pesci, the actor, very well customized his expressions with the role as this has turned out as a good depiction.

The Hangover

You might have now recollected that scene already as this comedy movie is deeply in the hearts of movie lovers as one of the best comedies ever. The friends who go for a casino night wake up with no clue of the last night events as they need to figure out what happened to their friend, whose bachelor’s party they were on. They need to know the whereabouts of Doug before hell broke loose as the friends had to keep fixing puzzle pieces of series of events that must’ve had taken place.

With the scenes mentioned above, the nostalgic casino movie lover in you might be wanting to watch one of these movies soon today. Happy watching!