How to Tune Up Your Rummy Game Skills to Win

We all know that winning at rummy takes skill to win and we have also listed out the skills required to win the game. The skills required to play rummy are fairly simple and once developed, these skills can be utilized in many practical situations. In this section we will be focusing on how you can develop the skills required to play rummy and how to tune up your skills once you have developed them.

How Can You Develop the Skills to Play Rummy?

This part of the exercise is fairly simple. Everyone knows that practicing something makes you good at it. Simply start playing free rummy games to develop skills. The first thing that you will see that as you keep playing more and more is that there are many styles of playing. The first step in developing a skill set is recognizing your style of playing. Once you have done that you can look at the styles other players adopt to play the game.

The next logical step in this endeavor would be to decide which are the most important skills that you require to play as per your style and win. This could be to also do with your core qualities. For example, if you possess good memory skills, then your game approach could be a watchful one. You could build up on your powers of observation to leverage and substantiate your excellent memory and work towards a winning strategy.

In the same way, if you are essentially an adventurous type of person, then your game would reflect that. In that case you need to work on your risk-reward strategy. You need to evaluate each risk you take while playing rummy with the reward that you are expecting.

There are no absolutes in your style of playing, in fact many people adopt a mixed style or even change styles in the middle of the game according to the stakes they are playing for or even the mood they are in. What is more you may even come to recognize some skills that you did not know you possessed during the course of a play session.

As your rummy playing skills develop, you will also reap the benefits of these skills in other aspects of your life and it can also work in the other way around. That is your daily use skills may help your game.

Tuning up of Indian rummy playing skills:

  1. Embrace flexibility: This is one of the keys to a good game and you need to ensure that you have a flexible mind set when it comes to your Indian Rummy Online session
  2. Reduce reaction time: The game is always timed when you play online and this makes it imperative that you learn to evaluate and react within a limited time. This is a skill that you can practice and develop in practical day-to-day matters.
  3. Evaluate risks better: Always approach the game with an open mind, do not let emotions or sentiment crowd your good judgment. When you feel that a particular risk is not worth taking, you are better off leaving the game.
  4. Be open to newer options: The key to becoming an expert 13 cards rummy player is to try out as many new variants of the game as possible. This way you have played the basic version as well as the more intricate and challenging options.
  5. Try and play with a diverse set of players: This is a natural occurrence when you play online; you do not know much about your opponent and this makes the game more challenging.

Tash ka Game

Now that we know online tash is the tash ka game of the present and the future, it is better that we know all the factors associated with it. This is especially true if you are a relative novice to the online world and specifically tash. The thing is the online tash game remains true to the physical version you are used to playing, but even then there are certain things, which are different and that you need to know about.

Here we will focus on the terminology and a few other aspects of tash ka game that will help you play with ease:

Joining: The first thing that you need to know about playing online tash is that once you are logged in, and click on the play button, many options will pop up in front of you. You will have choice of playing free games and cash games. In both the options then you need to select the game variant you want to play, the amount/ Promo Chips and the number of players you wish to play with. Once you have clicked on your choice, you can join the table. At this time you may have to wait for others to join and even if others are already there, you may have to wait a few seconds for the game to start. The game will start with the allocation of one card to each player randomly. This will decide the order of play.

Arranging and pick and discard: Once the cards are dealt to you, you can automatically sort the cards in order by pressing a sort button given there. Once this is done, you can further refine the arrangement as per your preference and priority. Once the game gets going and on getting to your turn, you have to remember that it is picking first (from open or closed pile) and then drop a card.

Drop option: This is another feature that is available in most variants of the game. If you feel your cards are not good or you wish to absent yourself from a particular game, you can click on the drop button when your turn comes up. On confirming your decision, you will be off the game for that round. Normally when we play at home we say pack or scoot when we drop from a game.

Show: Declaring a winning hand is similar to the physical game in that it is also done the same way with the closing of a 14th card. But in online tash it is called a show and it needs to be confirmed. This option is there to permit you to double check and confirm things before your show being announced to other players.

Melding: In online tash, the term melding is used to indicate how you arrange your winning hand or your cards in proper order when somebody else makes a show. Unlike the physical game, this is more systematic and leaves less room for error. Please be careful while melding and sending because cards once sent for evaluation cannot be modified.

Timing: Another important terminology that will have an effect on your game is the timing aspect. Unlike the physical game where you can meander at your own pace, timing is important in the online tash game. Not making your move within the time specified means you will be dropped from the game or moved on to auto play depending on the level of play you are at.